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Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Hungary is represented by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in both the WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Europe organizations.

The HCCI is a public body established by the Business Chambers Act, operating according to the Act and the By-laws adopted by its Conference of Delegates. It has no power to make decisions about, or give instructionsto, the territorial (county, city) chambers of commerce and industry by which it is comprised.

The Chamber’s mission:

  • to promote economic development and organization,
  • to coordinate and assist the operation of territorial chambers of commerce and industry based on direct self-governance,
  • to represent the interests of businesses in general and to enforce them where applicable,
  • to discharge the responsibilities referred to its powers by laws (Acts of Parliament, decrees),
  • to perform coordination tasks related to European Union membership,
  • to act as a nationwide mediator between the national associated chambers and the state, government and other bodies.

The work of the elected bodies is helped by the administrative organization directed by the Chamber’s Secretary General.

More information can be found at the mkik.hu webpage.